An all girl band that is perfect for rock lovers. Their catchy melodies & thick chorus do not mask their inspirational words that speak about real life trials. Their sound is similar to the secular band Paramore but brings a unique twist with their crafted lyrics. Now also performing as a World Vision artist

HOLLE would like to say a huge thank you to all of our friends and family for their encouragement, love, and support, especially our parents who have believed in our dream just as much as we have.

Daryl Price AKA Mr. Price, thanks for providing us with the chance to rock out during school hours and for mentoring us on stage performance. Tami Smith, your faith and motivation inspired us to work hard at what we love; thanks for the MAJOR makeover inside and out.

     Scott Jackson, thank you for seeing our potential and lending a hand in our success. Derek Steinbrenner, for being such a great producer and adding some spice to our sound!. In loving memory of our dear Papa (Allan Raymond Williamson), who was our biggest fan; we will continue Jumping to the Beat always. A gigantic thank you goes to Kelly Kimo, our father/uncle; all of your time, effort, wisdom, passion, and determination was not wasted; we appreciate all you have done to make this dream a reality. We love you! Most of all we’d like to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. None of this would be possible without You! Thank you for birthing the passion to serve You through music since we were young girls. We can’t wait to see what more You have in store for us. We love you so much and will always honour You eternally.